694: Beetle

694: Beetle
694: Beetle

Key data

Category: GA - Games

Location: I (In library)

Instructions: Beetle_Instructions.pdf

Age range: 4+

Number of pieces: 60

Number of unique pieces: 25


4 Green leaves

1 Spinner

1 Red beetle body

1 Blue beetle body

1 Orange beetle body

1 Yellow beetle body

1 Red beetle head

1 Blue beetle head

1 Orange beetle head

1 Yellow beetle head

2 Red beetle eyes

2 Blue beetle eyes

2 Orange beetle eyes

2 Yellow beetle eyes

2 Red beetle antennaes

2 Blue beetle antennaes

2 Orange beetle antennaes

2 Yellow beetle antennaes

6 Red beetle legs

6 Blue beetle legs

6 Orange beetle legs

6 Yellow beetle legs

2 Cardboard instruction sheets

4 Zip lock bags for parts

1 Raeco bag


Public comments: The classic build a beetle game. The Beetles are all in pieces. They are waiting for you to play their game. Take a leaf and spin the spinner - you have to win he body first. Add the head, legs, antenna and eyes. Keep on spinning to watch them grow. First to complete their beetle wins but don't stop there - keep on playing and find your Beetle Champion.

Alerts and warnings

Common picture warning two: Warning